6 Reasons Your Home Is Making You Unwell

It can be a creeping, uneasy feeling.

You can’t put your finger on it, but something is making you anxious and apprehensive.  It might be making you angry or frustrated.  In some cases, it might be causing depression.  There is something that is leaving you unhappy and eager to escape, but you don’t know what it could be.  For many people, the answer is the same and totally unexpected:

It is your home.

While our home is supposed to be a refuge of comfort and safety, for many, it can become a pit of despair.  Sadly, most people don’t realize that it is their actual physical surroundings that is the cause of their anxiety, sadness, and frustration.  Here are six of the top culprits that might be causing you discomfort and depression in your home:

#1. Room Color

There have been countless studies on the impact color has in our lives and psyche, so it stands to reason that a mismatch in color can cause stress and discomfort.  For instance, fiery tones tend to promote activity, excitement, and stimulation – none of which are conducive to a restful sleep or relaxation in your bedroom. Choosing colors that match the mood of the room will align your energy and promote happiness.

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#2. Piles of Papers

We all can get bogged down with bills, papers, W-2s, junk mail, and newspapers, however, when these pieces of paper pile up, it can cause an intense inner struggle for most.  As piles of paper are stacked higher, so too rises our anxiety and shame.  For some, this can become unbearable, leading people to avoid rooms in their own home.

#3. Outdated Hobbies

Whether you once were an avid knitter, or collected vinyl records, or shot glasses from your travels, there comes a time for many when they outlive a hobby.  By leaving the remnants of your past pastime behind, you find yourself feeling regret and frustration over the space this activity took in your mind and in your physical space.

#4. Family Heirlooms and Collections

For many who outlive a loved one, a real problem can arise.  Well-meaning relatives will pass on heirlooms, leaving the recipient to try to find a physical space for it, whether there is room for it and regardless if it works in their space.  The intense shame, regret, and guilt that can come with these items can be overwhelming.

#5. Heavy Drapes

There have been psychological studies that show the visual impact window dressings can have on a room, and those that inhabit the room.  While brighter and airy drapes can bring a levity and lightness to a room, heavy drapes can instantly envelope a room in darkness – literally and figuratively.

#6. Make Your Bed

It turns out, your mother was right:  The best way to start your day is to make your bed.  Studies have shown that individuals who make their bed in the morning have a greater sense of accomplishment, organization, and happiness than those who leave it unkempt.  Furthermore, studies have also shown that a made bed aides in better sleep, which promotes stress reduction and happiness.

Your home is your haven, but when not well organized, decorated, or cared for, it can be a prison.  With the amount of time you spend in your home, you owe it to yourself to be mindful of your space and careful with your health.

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