Birdy™ – The Watering Bird


1 Bird (6oz)

Don’t Ever Worry About Your Plants Again

Are you tired of bringing back your plants from the dead?
Do you always need to find someone to take care of them while you are away?

We have just the thing for you with our self-watering Birdy™.

y™ Takes Care Of Your Plants For You

Going on vacation? No need to bother your neighbors, friends, or family to take care of your plants while you are away.

You’re at home? Stop worrying about drowning or under-watering them. Birdy™ also saves your plants during heat waves, and prolong their life — no more chronic stress from water deprivation.

This hand-blown glass self-watering bird with a pencil-width stem mounts the soil of your planter and waters your plant for you!

Protect Your Health

Reduce your indoor air pollution. Just light plant dehydration can cut its air cleaning efficiency by more than 50%. Recent studies show that pollution induced by domestic activities is on par with major cities pollution. Indoor pollution produces chronic stress and increases the risk of autoimmune diseases.  Birdy™ will boost your plants to detoxify your air and remove toxins

Protect the environment. Ugly DIY plastic watering devices are a thing of the past. This little bird is eco-friendly and will cause no harm to the environment.

Bring Cuteness And Happiness

Birdy™ also brings cuteness to your plants and your room decor. It won’t go unnoticed. Many of our customers say their guests keep asking about them!

Don’t know how to make your friends or relatives happy for their birthday? Surprise them with this perfect out-of-the-ordinary gift — combining beauty and usefulness. They will love it and thank you for it.


Use Birdy™ with pride, knowing that the purchase of 1 bird  = 1 tree planted ($1 will go to Small Home Therapy has always been committed to environmental protection.

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No more over or underwatering: Birdy™ delivers water gradually into the soil of your plant through the cone and draws water from the globe. As the soil gets wet, it automatically provides less water.

Automatic watering for up to 2 weeks: Depending on the soil, plants, and indoor air condition. Larger or tropical plants may need two birds to increase duration.

1-minute setup: See the Easy to Use section below.

Simple and convenient: No tools are required for installation. No complicated DIY. A quick look at the bird is enough to see what’s left and how quickly the plant is consuming water.

Premium hand-blown glass, made with Love: We use the highest grade of glass materials and engineering available, which means Birdy™ last longer than knock-offs and keep your plants healthier. We’ve tested other products and nothing waters like a Birdy™.

Ideal for indoor plants: Potted plants, houseplants, hanging plants, and patio plants. At home or your office.

Capacity: 6oz (200ml).

Size: 10.2″ x 4.1″ (26cm x 10.5 cm).


  • One bird durable glass. 
  • One highly protective polyfoam box.

It takes less than 30 seconds:

  1. Make a hole in the soil first; this will help to avoid dirt clogging the cube.
  2. Fill the globe with water.
  3. Insert the tube into the hole you made in the soil.

And let the bird automatically emit water as your plant needs it! 

  • If you find some dirt blocking water out, use wet wipes or a piece of cloth for wrapping the water outlet. Clean the interior of the stick by filling water inside the globe and emptying it. Do it once or twice to have a perfectly clean bird.
  • To fill up, angle it a little to get the water to inside faster, and make the stick vertical towards the end (so that all the air is displaced by water).
  • Place the bird so that it’s visible, to monitor the water level by the look of an eye. And to bring cuteness to your room!
  • Before you go away, test the bird on your plants to see if one is enough.
  • Take care of your bird; it’s made of glass and is fragile!

We take pride in our customer support and have plant-professionals on deck for any tough gardening questions. 

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