Himalayan Crystal Salt LED Lamp


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Here’s a bright idea for your bedroom: Gorgeous on its own, pink salt crystals look even more spectacular when lit up by a color-changing LED light.

Adjust the brightness of the tension-smoothing salt lamp that displays seven different colors ranging from purple to orange.

No batteries required; it works when plugged in with your own USB.

  • Made of ABS/PC.
  • USB input.
  • Eco-friendly LED light
  • Bulb included.
  • Size is 3″ x 3″ x 5″ (7cm x 7cm x 12cm).
  • DC5V voltage.


  1. Touch the button to turn on the light, hold down the button to adjust brightness.
  2. Double-tap the button to display a range of colors.
  3. Triple-tap for a fixed color.
  4. Quadruple-tap to turn it off.

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